You use cryptography every day!

The apps you use

From mobile, to desktop, to web apps, crypto is used more frequently. This is good, as long as it is done properly. If not, security may be only an illusion.

The apps you develop

Users are beginning to demand security and privacy in the apps they use. This can limit exposure after theft, for example. That means you must make sure you are doing it right or your users are at risk.

Open source libraries you import

To make crypto easier, a number of libraries and services are popping up. Unfortunately, crypto is easy to get wrong and no one is auditing these small projects for issues.

The objective of Audit the Crypto is to provide free auditing services of cryptographic designs.

How do we do it?

The vision for Audit the Crypto is to provide a place where people interested in crypto link up with people who are using crypto. As we grow, we will be able to do more and more for the community.

To keep the scope focused, for now, the focus is on open source applications and libraries. As we identify interesting projects, we analyze them for cryptographic related issues, notify the developers, and publish a report (possibly delayed to give developers time to fix bugs).

Our goal is not to become a competitor of OCAP. Their focus, to date, has been on large projects, whose primary focus is cryptography. Our focus is on small projects that need cryptography to ensure better security and privacy.